Nomination Form for 2020 AGM
Nomination Form for 2020 AGM

Our Team  - Observers and Group Committee

Our Observers

Chief Observer and National Observer


Andrew Ball

Availability - Weekdays and Weekends


With more than 7 years of observing experience, Andrew enjoys helping others to become better drivers. Andrew will develop and implement our Training Program for Observers according to the IMI protocols.

Chair & National Observer


Jenny Faulkner-Quick


Jenny has a great interest in driving matters and has been heavily involved with the Under-17 Car Club helping our youngsters develop an appreciation of driving safely before bad habits develop. She carries the enthusiasm for this into her observing role within the group.



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National Observer


Gilly Miller

Availability - Weekdays and Weekends


Passed the advanced driving test in 1971 when working in my parents garage business in Sunbury and was a keen follower of rallying and rallycross and all types of motor sport and have been on the committee for a number of years, and a senior observer for the group.

National Observer


Nigel Cooper

Availability - Associate Crosschecks and Observer Training only


With almost 20 years of observing experience, Nigel performs taster runs for the group.


National Observer


Alex Yallop

Availability - Weekend Mornings


Alex has been an IAM Member since November 2012, he is a keen addition to group and passed his advanced driving test in June 2013 and progressed to a FIRST qualification in May 2014, qualified as a local observer in Nov 2014 and progressed to a National Observer (maintaining his FIRST) in 2016.


National Observer


Frank Gilsenan

Availability - Weekdays and Weekends


With almost 10 years of observing experience, Frank enjoys helping others to become better drivers

National Observer


Tom Kenvin

Availability - Limited, check with Tom


Having passed his IAM Advanced Driving Test in 2015, Tom then completed training to become a Local Observer with our Group. In 2018 he further qualified as a National Observer.

Over the weekend of 18/19th May 2019 we ran an intensive training session to qualify seven new Observers above as Accredited Local Observers.


We hope to repeat this in 2022. If you are interested please contact Andy Ball at








Our Committee members



Peter Jackson


Peter Jackson served for 31 years in the Police service, twenty years in the Metropolitan Police serving predominantly in the east end of London at Dagenham as a patrol officer and then to Newham. For most of this time he was a Hendon trained class 1 response driver. He transferred to the City of London Police on Promotion in 1991 were he eventually became the divisional Community beat sergeant and Ceremonial Sergeant then to Head Quarters Community Safety Branch.  He was responsible for setting up a drugs education programme for all schools within the City as well as devising awareness programmes for parents both within business and residential community. He sat on the City of London Drug Action Team panel that produced the ‘tackling alcohol and drugs in the workplace, a toolkit for employers’. He is also a Home office Qualified Crime Reduction officer. He was silver control after the St Mary Axe bombing in London in April 1992.  


Peter retired in November 2001 and became self-employed in the drugs advisory role. He was involved in the development of the Home Office National Drugs in the Workplace Initiative Training Pack and is a Home Office trained trainer. He also sat on the steering group for the National Workplace Initiative. 


He spent several years working for City of London Corporation advising on security for their many and diverse properties as well as some iconic buildings and possessions owned by the Corporation.

Eventually fully retiring in 2015. 




Jenny Faulkner-Quick


Jenny has taken over from Chris as Chair in line with our succession planning Thank you Jenny. She has a great interest in driving matters and is heavily  involved with the Under-17 Car Club helping our youngsters develop an appreciation of driving safely before bad habits develop.




Gilly Miller


Gilly has taken over the role of Vice-Chair from Jenny and continues her long involvement with the Committee and as a National Observer.




Responsible for "driving" the IAM Basingstoke group, setting up and encouraging all members to take part and be pro-active in group activities and events 






David Last

David combines his role as Membership Secretary with managing our finances.

Observer Co-ordinator

Responsible for allocation of Observers and supporting our Associates with their training.


Lindsay Benjamin

Lindsay who joined the IAM in April 1991, has over 13 years of observing experience and has carried out more than 500 observed drives.

Membership Secretary


David Last

David joined the IAM in November 2007 and since joining the committee has been actively involved helping with outside group events and is Speaker Organiser for the group monthly meeting. From the AGM in 2018 David has accepted the role of Membership Secretary, thanks David.

Events Coordinator


David Patey


David has been a committee member for a number of years providing valuable assistance to the Group especially at Events.






Andy Ball


For all web queries please contact Andy via link below.



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