Nomination Form for 2020 AGM
Nomination Form for 2020 AGM

Welcome to the IAM Basingstoke Advanced Driving Group

LATEST UPDATE - 11th June 2021





With the ongoing Government requirements to combat Covid-19 we are working to resume Observed Drives safely.


Observers are in the process of contacting Associates to arrange recommencing Observed Drives if both parties agree.


Coronavirus Covid-19 Guidance from IAM RoadSmart HQ:


The National IAM RoadSmart management team require that:


  •  ALL Observed Drives, Tests and Retests are stopped until they can be rescheduled with agreement of the parties involved and as mandated by the government.


  •  Memberships will be extended by 6 months without charge to faciliate everyone completing their training and reaching the Advanced Test.


  •  No recruitment or promotional activity may be performed until cleared by the authorities that normal mixing with others may resume.



We continue to hold our Committee Meetings on-line and are hosting Group Meetings each month too. The next is the first for a long while in person - shock .. horror - on Wednesday 23rd June  where we will hold a 'Treasure Hunt' by car with social meet afterwards for some food. Please advise Gilly of your car and numbers for catering purposes.


Everyone will receive an invitation by email a week before giving you time to get your team together and let Gilly know numbers as above please. If for any reason the advice on meeting is changed by the Governement we will advise directly. Social distancing will be used with masks and the food will be served to you to minimise contact. It will be fun and an opportunity to get 'back to normal' the day or so before the talk.


There will be a Newsletter monthly until normal service can be resumed, on or around the 20th of each month, the next in June.


Future Events, Speakers and Meetings will all be announced online and in the newsletter.


Drive & Keep Safe.




Andy Ball  - Webmaster





We welcome new Members who have joined IAM RoadSmart.

We then train you to the Advanced Driving Test standard.  


We offer courses to suit everyone with all skill levels, from new licence holders to professional road users; our accredited Observers will coach you to achieve the Advanced Driver Qualification by a Test given by an IAM RoadSmart Examiner.


Please note: You automatically become an Associate Member of a Local Group - like ours - on joining the IAM Nationally. You must remain a National IAM RoadSmart member after achieving your Advanced Driving Test pass to qualify for continuing local membership for which we charge a small fee in second and subsequent years- currently £17.50 per annum.


Further Development  When you have achieved IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving Qualification you may further develop your skills, you may excel on the Test and gain what IAM call a First, where you excel in almost all the test elements. Further with additonal training via Head Office you can develop your skills further to gain an IAM Masters Certificate. More info here IAM Masters


Become a better driver

Do you want to join a driving elite and be one of the most skilled drivers on Britain’s roads? Contact us or enrol at the

National site


You may take a Free Taster Session with us and if you decide to sign up for the Full Membership will be entitled to a 10% discount on the Course Fee.


Becoming a Member of IAM RoadSmart gives you 1 years Local Group membership too, which is renewable for a small fee annually providing you choose to remain an IAM Member.


Please note that from May 2018 you are required to Opt-In to receive e-mail or phone communications from the Group to comply with the new Data Security legislation - GDPR - See 'Join Us' Tab in Heading for more information.




Look at our courses

Have a look at the available courses the IAM offer.


There is a 'Free Taster' trial session on offer currently form Head Office, take the opportunity and receive a 10% discount on the Fee to take the Course - Link Below




More Info

Find out more

Still not sure, read in more detail what it takes to join the driving elite.



Link to IAM for Free Taster -


At the IAM Basingsoke Advanced Driving Group we make better drivers. As a registered UK charity formed in 1986, we’ve spent more than 30 years making our roads safer by improving driver skills through coaching and education.


Our highly trained, qualified and experienced expert Observers who are all volunteers are part of the IAMs lifeblood. We champion the IAM cause and help drive their vision – to be the best, most recognised provider of coaching and advice for all post-licence drivers – and their mission is to make better drivers.



You can also visit us on Facebook

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