Nomination Form for 2020 AGM
Nomination Form for 2020 AGM

IAM Roadsmart

Published on 29 Apr 2016
The IAM announced rebranding as IAM RoadSmart, the new brand builds on the 60-year history of the IAM and sets out a new ambition – to be there for all drivers and riders, whatever their needs. IAM RoadSmart brings together the charity with its commercial subsidiaries IAM Drive & Survive, Professional Driver Services and Driver Retraining Academy.

Driverless cars are on the horizon, offering a whole host of potential benefits to road users. But driving is still important to many. As cars become increasingly automated we want to ensure the views of all drivers and riders are heard every step of the way. And that road users are supported with practical advice at every stage of their driving or riding.

Whether that's by helping a driver gain a little more confidence with driving in the dark, supporting a rider prepare for their advanced riding test or teaching commercial drivers how to deal with congested roads - we are passionate about making better drivers and riders.

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